Tedx Talk: The Collision of Hollywood and Technology by Dennis Rice

USCMISC and our founder Michael Taylor contribute to Dennis Rice’s Tedx Talk

From 2:40- 6:15 Dennis Rice walks us through the context for which USCMISC was founded.

At 6:15 in the video, Rice provides a quote from our founder:

   “As filmmakers, the work we do has a huge impact on our culture,” says USCMISC’s Michael Taylor. “With that comes an opportunity, and maybe even a responsibility, to use that impact for the greater good."

There is no question that Hollywood has had a huge impact on society over the years. The same holds true for technology. But the collision of Hollywood and technology has produced an impact that very well may be more than what we bargained for and not all for the better.

by Tedx Talks

"Entertainment guru Dennis Rice shares his perspective on this collision and offers a simple idea that just might change your life.

Dennis Rice is considered to be one of the best strategic thinkers and visionaries in the Entertainment Industry. With over 20 years experience, Rice has worked on some of the most successful movie marketing campaigns in the industry's history which include the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise to Pixar Animation features such as The Incredibles and Ratatouille to The Chronicles Of Narnia Franchise. He has also been the architect of some of the most successful Academy Award campaigns which have generated over 60 Academy Award nominations and 20 wins. He is a frequent lecturer at The USC School Of Cinematic Arts and a member of the prestigious Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences."