Save The Children

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Did you know that children who don't receive early childhood education are five times more likely to become chronic lawbreakers by the time they are 18 than those who do receive it? USC-MISC recently filmed a PSA with Save the Children that shows how early childhood education can shape a life. Directed by Mark D. Manalo

The PSA was created as part of Save the Children's early childhood education initiative. See what else they are doing to get the world out here.


All children are born ready to learn, but for 15 million children living in poverty in America, they enter school unready to succeed.

Before even walking through the classroom door, American children living in poverty have already fallen behind in school. By age 4, children from low-income families are up to 18 months behind their peers developmentally.

A child's brain is already 80% formed by age 3; 90% by age 5. But children in poverty are less likely to attend preschool and often live in households where early learning activities are few and far between.

Closing the Achievement Gap before It Starts

The best way to ensure all children have a fair chance at a brighter future is to give each child the opportunity to learn and grow early on. Our Early Steps to School Success program lays a critical foundation of language and literacy skills for children from birth to age 5, so they can enter school ready to succeed.

Through home visits, book exchanges, parenting groups, and an emphasis on transition to school, Early Steps staff helps children with language, social and emotional development, and equips parents and caregivers with the skills to successfully support children's growth.