'Big Data: Biomedicine' premieres in DC; screens at White House

The USC MISC production Big Data: Biomedicine, the first in a series of films commissioned by the National Institutes of Health, premiered in Washington, DC this week.  Additional screenings for policy makers at the White House are scheduled for later this month.

The film screened this week at the Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) All Hands
Meeting and Open Data Science Symposium, a meeting of influential data scientists and research professionals in the field of bio medicine from around the world.

Digital data is being collected all over the world very quickly and
has increased in quantity faster than anyone expected.  The
organization and sharing of this data is crucial to the ongoing work
of biomedical research and in many ways the future of medicine depends
on it.  Big Data: Biomedicine is collaboration with researchers at the
Keck School to document their work to convey the magnitude of this

The mention of the film on social media has garnered international attention, with retweets from influencers in the field of Big Data from US, Brazil, UK, and Australia.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has also been helping to spread the word via their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Three screenings of the film accompanied talks and panel discussions
on current trends and developments in the field of Big Data management.
While at the conference, USC MISC Executive Director Michael Taylor,
(the film's producer) and director John Berardo, interviewed key figures
in the field for a second follow up film to be released later next year.

View the film online here: bit.ly/BigDataBioMEdicine