Variety and unite4:good Join USC-MISC to Present conference4:change

On March 14th, 2015, The USC Media Institute for Social Change, Variety and unite4:good will unite entertainment Industry leaders and artists to share ideas, explore creative opportunities and discuss media's pivotal role in fueling positive social change.

At the conference4:change we hope to develop a powerful entertainment coalition committed to infusing some of the most pressing social issues of our time into the stories we tell, and the content we create, with a collective goal of sparking positive social change. The attendees of the conference will be a limited number of invited industry professionals who are committed to the goals of this conference. 

For invitation consideration, please contact

The USC Media Institute for Social Change is a nonprofit organization of industry professionals at SCA who use cinema to create an awareness of social issues and inspire positive actions throughout the world. With a mission to support emerging media makers who weave pro-social messaging into their stories, USC-MISC seeks to change the world one film at a time.