“Maya and Lily” a MISC Film Completes Production

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by Catherine Cropp

MISC received a grant from the Stein Early Childhood Development Fund to create a fictional film about the importance of access to quality and affordable childcare. The Stein Early Childhood Development Fund, in affiliation with the California Community Foundation, awards grants to non-profit organizations to raise public awareness and support for quality childcare education.

USC Alumnus Xavier Burgin wrote the script in collaboration with the Chief Communications Officer of ZERO TO THREE Ernestine Benedict. Maya and Lily was directed by USC Alumnus Jenna Cavelle, and produced by Michael Taylor and Bo Youngblood.

Maya and Lily is a film that was made with the intention of raising awareness of an important issue that millions of young parents face in our country, and that is the struggle to find access to quality affordable child care.  The film will serve as a tool to inspire film and television makers to create stories highlighting the issue, and also to encourage public policy makers to create change.” -Michael Taylor