An Evening Celebrating Diversity

Written by Tomi Tunrarebi

On Wednesday Nov 29, MISC hosted a screening of films highlighting diverse voices. The films covered a myriad of topics from immigration to colorism to the minorities within minority groups. Each film addressed these issues with a fresh perspective which added new insight into each topic. I learned something new from each film without feeling like I was learning at all.

After the screening there was a Q&A with the filmmakers, a truly diverse group of people. From the conversation that ensued, it was clear that each filmmaker had a personal connection to the stories they told. The most interesting discussion came from the question asked by moderator Xavier Burgin, about whether Hollywood’s renewed interest in diversity was a trend or something more permanent.

Some shared their hopes of diversity soon becoming commonplace, while others discussed how the rise in social media forces Hollywood to start accepting new voices as people will start to find the voices they seek in other places. There was also discussion about how Hollywood’s interest in diversity also caused some of the filmmakers to face pushback from their peers. Overall, it was a night of interesting, thought provoking films and discussion, and I look forward to the next time MISC holds one of these events.