Minor in media and social change


The minor in media and social change provides the opportunity for students who are interested in media content creation and research to take classes in a focused curriculum on the various aspects of media for change. Students will gain insight into the professional practices of creating media content, analyzing existing content, and learning how they can influence the future by integrating social issues into the work they are doing in related fields.

To declare the minor, a student must submit a Change of Major/Minor form to Cinematic Arts Student Services, SCB 105.

course requirement

A total of 16 upper-division units is required for the minor in Media and Social Change.


Course Number          Course Name                                  Units

CTAN 470          Documentary Animation Production           2

CTIN 479           Documentary and Activist Games               2

CTPR 459        Introduction to Media and Social Change    4

CTPR 474          Documentary Production                             4

CTWR 402         Writing and Social Change                         2

IML 420             New Media for Social Change                   4

One of the following Cinema & Media Studies courses:

Course Number          Course Name                                Units

CTCS 400                 Non-Fiction Film and Television         4

CTCS 407                 African American Cinema                   4

CTCS 412                Gender, Sexuality and Media                4